Introduction of China MICE Cities Alliance (CMCA)

China MICE Cities Alliance (CMCA) is a cooperative organization established by China MICE cities. The alliance was initiated by Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Kunming, Sanya and Xi 'an, and founded in Beijing on September 12, 2012.

The principle of the alliance is strengthening union, resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutual benefit. The aim of the alliance is to continuously explore the excellent MICE resources of the city, utilize the international and domestic MICE industrial platform, expand the city's influence in international MICE market through active promotion and marketing, and make joint efforts to create excellent international MICE destination.

After the establishment, the alliance has expanded the influence of MICE cities in China, and made positive contributions to building China into a world-class international MICE destination through communication events, online and offline marketing promotion, MICE development experience exchange and optimizing the MICE resource distribution under the support and help of alliance members.

After nearly 8 years of development, there are now 20 member cities in China MICE Cities Alliance (CMCA):

Welcome to join China MICE Cities Alliance (CMCA)!

Please refer to the following steps for detail:

1.The applicant should submit the written application of "letter of application for joining the China MICE Cities Alliance (CMCA)" to the secretariat;

2.The secretariat of the alliance will review the application documents after receiving them;

3.After confirmation, the secretariat will draft a "reply letter on agreeing to join China MICE Cities Alliance (CMCA)" and submit it to the relevant leaders for approval;

4.Upon receipt of the reply, the applicant city should sign the "strategic cooperation framework agreement on jointly promoting the development of the MICE industry as a member of China MICE Cities Alliance ". There are 2 copies of the agreement, and one should be sent back to the secretariat for archiving after sign and seal.


The secretariat of the China MICE Cities Alliance(CMCA) is located in the secretariat of China Meetings Industry Convention (CMIC).

Contact person: Ms. Yao Juan

Mobile: 13681199147